CPMB Scholarships & Awards ... A lifetime toward education.

My Grandfather had one piece of advice when I was growing up. It was “David, you can make a living with your mind or your body. Go to school”. An education is an expensive endeavor, whatever your goal is for employment, self-realization or general interest. It is the goal of CPMB, to help all that have been touched by CP. If you are planning a post-secondary education or continuing to graduate studies, the deadline for the fall semester is May 15th, and October 15th for the January semester.

We do provide scholarships to any accredited college or university in Canada, as long as you are a member of the Association. We do take a look at any courses or programs that will help you out on the journey. (Priority goes to post-secondary education).

Please contact me at office for the proper forms and I can answer any questions or 204-982-4842.

Don’t know the plan yet? But you are graduating from high school, let me know, we do have an award for everyone graduating every spring.

Scholarship Info:

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